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1、It is with excitement that I resubmit to you a revised version of manuscript “文章题目” for the “杂志名”. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to revise and resubmit this manuscript. In keeping with my last communication with you, I am resubmitting this revision before the agreed upon deadline, March 16, 2012. I appreciate the time and detail provided by each reviewer and by you and have incorporated the suggested changes into the manuscript to the best of my ability. The manuscript has certainly benefited from these insightful revision suggestions. I look forward to working with you and the reviewers to move this manuscript closer to publication in the 杂志名. (这段拍马屁的写得真长哇,憋不出来的可以参考下)

2、I have responded specifically to each suggestion below, beginning with your own. To make the changes easier to identify where necessary, I have numbered them.

3、I am pleased to resubmit for publication the revised version of 文章在杂志社的编号 “文章题目”. I appreciated the constructive criticisms of the Associate Editor and the reviewers. I have addressed each of their concerns as outlined below. (这样的开场白简单点)

4、Sincerest thanks for your response and reviewers comments on our manuscript. We sincerely apologise for the great time it has taken us to respond to these comments (due to force majeaure with first author), and hope that a revised version of the manuscript will still be considered by 杂志名. We have modified the paper in response to the extensive and insightful reviewer comments. We have added additional explanations for non-haematologists and additional table (Table 1) to fully address the reviewer’s comments. Furthermore we have rewritten sections of the manuscript and we hope that this comply with the referee’s remarks. We will respond to the comments point counter point. (这段挺长的,还就返修时间过长进行了致歉)

5、Thank you for reading our manuscript and reviewing it, which will help us improve it to a better scientific level. We revised our manuscript, and quite a lot of changes have taken place. So we have sent the revised manuscript, and a version containing all the changes to be visible.

At the following, the points mentioned by the reviewers will be discussed: (其实我比较喜欢这种简单直白的开场)

6、The authors would like to thank the reviewers for their time and their valuable comments. Before addressing each of the comments below, we would like to make a general remark regarding the intent of the manuscript and the choice of the journal.

We chose “XX杂志社” because it is an applied journal publishing papers that will help clinical medical physicists perform their responsibilities more effectively and efficiently, and for the increased benefit of the patient. We feel that this journal is appropriate for our manuscript that we intend to be a practical paper which is helpful for a hospital physicist.

We deliberately went into more details in parts of the introduction and the methods section explaining specifics of CBCT, since the target audience might not be interested in the more fundamental papers in other journals covering the topic. We obviously need to quote all sources correctly and will do so at the places where we had missed before. (让我亮瞎眼的拍马屁,想抄的尽管抄)

7、Please find enclosed the response to the comments of reviewers. The manuscript has been carefully revised in response to the reviewers’comments and suggestions; detailed responses to their comments are below. Our reply is in italic font, whereas the reviewers’ specific comments are not italicized. We thank the reviewers for their suggestions, which have significantly improved this m/s.


1、According to the associate editor and reviewers’ comments, we have made extensive modifications to our manuscript and supplemented extra data to make our results convincing.

2、In this revised version, changes to our manuscript were all highlighted within the document by using red colored text.

3、Thank you for your nice comments on our article. According to your suggestions, we have supplemented several data here and corrected several mistakes in our previous draft. Based on your comments, we also attached a point-by-point letter to you and the other two reviewers. We have made extensive revisions to our previous draft. The detailed point-by-point responses are listed below.

4、Thanks for your help. We feel really sorry for our carelessness.

5、Thank you for your reminding. You and the other two reviewers’ comments are all of great importance to our article. All of these comments have contributed a lot to improve the quality of our article. After this revision, we have written a point-by-point response letter to you as you can see above. Meanwhile, we also wrote a point-by-point response letter to the other two nice reviewers to acknowledge their helps and denote where we made revisions.

6、We feel great thanks for your professional review work on our article. As you are concerned, there are several problems that need to be addressed. According to your nice suggestions, we have made extensive corrections to our previous draft. We have added necessary data to supplement our results and edited our article extensively. The detailed corrections are listed below.

7、We feel sorry that we did not provide enough information about XXXX.

8、it is really a giant mistake to the whole quality of our article. We feel sorry for our carelessness. We have corrected it and we also feel great thanks for your point out.

9、thanks for your suggestions. We feel sorry for our poor writings, however, we do invite a friend of us who is a native English speaker from USA help polish our article. Due to our friend’s help, the article was edited extensively. And we hope the revised manuscript could be acceptable for you.

10、thanks for your careful checks. We are sorry for our carelessness. Based on your comments, we have made the corrections to make the unit harmonized within the whole manuscript.

11、your suggestion really means a lot to us. Yes, it would be more understandable if we XXX.

12、According to your suggestion, we have corrected the “XXX” into “XXX”.

13、 thanks for your correction. It was indeed a serious grammatical error. And we have corrected it according to your suggestion.

14、thanks for your suggestions. We feel sorry for the improper wording. We have used “XXXX” as you suggested.

15、According to the reviewer’s comments, we have revised the manuscript extensively. If there are any other modifications we could make, we would like very much to modify them and we really appreciate your help. “xxxx” is a journal of great popularity and prestige. We hope that our manuscript could be considered for publication in your journal. Thank you very much for your help.

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