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例 1:

Dear Prof. XXXX,

Thank you very much for your letter and the comments from the referees about our paper submitted to XXXX (MS Number XXXX).

We have checked the manuscript and revised it according to the comments. We submit here the revised manuscript as well as a list of changes.

If you have any question about this paper, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Sincerely yours,

例 2:

Dear Editor and Reviewers:

Thank you for your letter and for the reviewers’ comments concerning our manuscript entitled “Paper Title” (ID: 文章稿号). Those comments are all valuable and very helpful for revising and improving our paper, as well as the important guiding significance to our researches. We have studied comments carefully and have made correction which we hope meet with approval. Revised portion are marked in red in the paper. The main corrections in the paper and the responds to the reviewer’s comments are as flowing:

Responds to the reviewer’s comments:

Reviewer #1:

  1. Response to comment: (……简要列出意见……)

    Response: ××××××

  2. Response to comment: (……简要列出意见……)

    Response: ×××××× ……



We are very sorry for our negligence of ……...
We are very sorry for our incorrect writing ……...
It is really true as Reviewer suggested that……
We have made correction according to the Reviewer’s comments.
We have re-written this part according to the Reviewer’s suggestion
As Reviewer suggested that……
Considering the Reviewer’s suggestion, we have ……


Special thanks to you for your good comments.

Reviewer #2:


Reviewer #3:


Other changes:

1. Line 60-61, the statements of “……” were corrected as “…………”
2. Line 107, “……” was added
3. Line 129, “……” was deleted

We tried our best to improve the manuscript and made some changes in the manuscript. These changes will not influence the content and framework of the paper. And here we did not list the changes but marked in red in revised paper. We appreciate for Editors/Reviewers’ warm work earnestly, and hope that the correction will meet with approval.

Once again, thank you very much for your comments and suggestions.

例 3:

Dear Professor XXX,

Many thanks for your email of 24 Jun 2013, regarding the revision and advice of the above paper in XXX 杂志. Overall the comments have been fair, encouraging and constructive. We have learned much from it.

After carefully studying the reviewer’ comments and your advice, we have made corresponding changes to the paper. Our response of the comments is enclosed.


Besides the above changes, we have corrected some expression errors.

Thank you very much for the excellent and professional revision of our manuscript. If you need any other information, please contact me immediately by email. My email account is , and , and Fax is +***.

Yours sincerely,

例 4:

Dear Professor XXX,

We very much appreciate the careful reading of our manuscript and valuable suggestions of the reviewer. We have carefully considered the comments and have revised the manuscript accordingly.

The manuscript is revised submission (×××-××××) with new line and page numbers in the text, some grammar and spelling errors had also been corrected. Furthermore, the relevant regulations had been made in the original manuscript according to the comments of reviewers, and the major revised portions were marked in red bold. We also responded point by point to each reviewer comments as listed below, along with a clear indication of the location of the revision.

Hope these will make it more acceptable for publication.

List of Major Changes:


Response to Reviewers:


例 5:

Thank you very much for your letter and advice on our manuscript. We have resubmited new version of graphsin accordance with recommendations of the technical editor. We have addressed the comments raised by the reviewers, and the amendments are highlighted in red in the revised manuscript. We hope that the revision is acceptable and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Below, please find the comments in black, followed by our responses in red. Exact changes in the manuscript are also presented in red font.

例 6:

Dear editors,

Thank you for your kind comments on our manuscript entitled “XX 文章名”. We have carefully revised the manuscript according to the reviewer’s comments. Based on the suggestions, we have made an extensive modification on the revised manuscript. Detailed revision was shown as follows. The changes to our manuscript within the document were aslo highlighted by using red colored text.

  1. As to the related articles published in Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, we have always been reading the latest papers that were published in APJCP. In fact, several high-quality papers arouse us great interest before we drafted our manuscript. From our intensive reading of these papers published in APJCP, we get better understanding of the hotspots in breast cancer research. We also get a wider view of the regulatory networks that contribute to XXXX. For example, one paper entitled “XXXX” showed that metastasis-related molecules could be regulated by microRNAs in human tumor metastasis process. This paper led us to hypothesize that XXX, a metastasis-associated protein, might also be linked to microRNA regulations in breast cancer. Hence, this paper provided a novel clue for us to uncover the mechanisms underlying XXXX cancer metastasis. Based on all these instructive papers, we have herein added these references to our article in the revised version (please see P6, Line 15; P12, Line17; P14, Line 21-22; P15, Line 1-4).

  2. For the reference format within the article, we are sorry for our incorrect citation format. And in this revised version, we have checked carefully of all the citations. All citations within the article were formatted into “Family Name et al., Year” for over two-author papers, or “Family Name, Year” for only one-author papers.

  3. For the reference format after the text, we also feel sorry for our carelessness. Previously, we didn’t notice the special format of APJCP. In the revised version, we have corrected all the reference formats to meet the requirements of APJCP. All the detailed corrections could be seen in the Reference section in which changes were marked by red.

Thank you again for your positive comments on our manuscript. APJCP is an influential journal which aims to improve our understanding of cancer prevention. From all the papers published in your journal, readers have been learning a lot. Hopefully, we could have our article been considered of publication in your journal. Should there been any other corrections we could make, please feel free to contact us.